Choosing A Reliable Transport Company That Can Deliver Your Car Fast

A lot of individuals as well as entrepreneurs, whose niche is related to automobiles, will surely need transport services for various reasons. For example, you are a homeowner and have plans of moving or traveling to another state. But due to distance and time, you have decided to ship your car, instead of driving it. In fact, driving your own vehicle would be very tiring and stressful. In this case, transport companies in your locality would be very helpful, right?

Now, let’s go to the business industry. Let’s say that you have a hotel or resort, and thenyou have guests, who requested you to arrange a private car for their tour. But before checking in to your hotel, they want to directly go to their first destination, which is quite far from your place. Another, if you are a car dealer and have cars to deliver, then transport service would be your best option. In these situations, all you can rely on is the fast delivery service of reliable auto shipping companies.

As you can see, these shipping firms are all over the place. That’s why you have to be very meticulous, too, in choosing the right one. Actually, you may find them online. For example, you may look at shipcar24 to learn more about this company, products and services as well as to hear from their customers. If you had been hiring experts for years, then you know who to trust. But dealing with them for the very first time requires you to make comparisons and seek for recommendations as well. Anyway, we have here a few tips for you to consider when choosing a reliable auto shipping company.


The very first thing that you need to do is, to list down the prospective companies in your area. They will surely have an official website, where they can showcase their services, profile, accreditations, testimonies, office address and contact details. From here, you can already check the one that can provide what you need. Therefore, you can eliminate the ones that do not meet the standards.

It is also through the sites, where you will find out, if they are offering closed or open auto transport. And then, you can also check, if they offer a terminal-to-terminal or a door-to-door as well as cross international border services.

Most of all, they will post here all the certifications like a USDOT number to prove that they are legally operating. Check this out to learn more about USDOT.


When checking the official site, it would be easier for you to know the rating. Of course, you will surely choose the ones with the highest ratings. They may have more expensive fees, though this is not always an issue, especially if it is a trusted firm.

By the way, the reviews will help you decide what company to choose. They may have complaints or commendations for you to read on.

Mode of Payment

Most of them will actually ask you to pay through credit cards or check. This is the safest mode of paying them for their services.

If they are going to ask you to wire transfer the payment, then doubt this because it might be a form of scam. They may accept it, however, if they will prefer and insist credit cards and checks, then they are legitimate.

Motor Carrier Number

Let’s say that you are in the United States. You should know that a firm is legal, if they are carrying an MC Number because it is required in the US to have one.

They will surely post this number on their official website. Now, to make sure that they are illegitimate, then I suggest you to verify this through the US Department of Transportation. You may also check the CSA or Compliance Safety Accountability – go to for further reading.


Ask for the insurance policies they offer. This is very important to make sure that your vehicle is safe and secured. Without insurance, it would be difficult to hand over your keys and your car.

If they have cancellation policies, then make sure to understand this. If there are fees involved, then you have to be aware. You should also ask, if they allow rescheduling and how much is charged.